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Getting to Pearson Lake

Flying is one option to getting into Pearson Lake. In only 40 minutes, an experienced bush pilot will take you from McMurray Aviation, over Fort McMurray’s oil sands, up the Athabasca River and into Pearson Lake.


For those who want more of a journey, the Fort Chipewyan winter road provides access to the Pearson Lake trail which unfolds a picturesque collection of lakes that will give trail photographers plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful scenery, and life-long memories. The trail, which you can travel on by quad, RZR, or rhino, is a short 20 km.

 Just before arriving to the lodge, you are greeted by Whiskey Mountain which overlooks Pearson Lake and gives the traveler a true appreciation of the lake and its surroundings.


Pearson Lake Lodge sits on a long peninsula that jets out into the lake and is protected by both deciduous and coniferous trees. These trees are accompanied by a plantation of blueberries and wild mushrooms. Because of the abundance of blueberries, there is the odd black bear visit so keep those cameras in reach. However, there is a solar powered barbed-wire fence that surrounds the camp to discourage the bears from stealing the blueberries.